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Unique Value Proposition for Feel Dollar

Informative and Engaging Finance Blog and Lists

Our Mission

To provide valuable financial information and resources to individuals seeking to improve their financial literacy and make informed financial decisions.

You're In the Right Place If...

  • You are looking for reliable and up-to-date information on personal finance.
  • You want to learn practical strategies to manage your money effectively.
  • You are interested in exploring different investment options and strategies.
  • You want to stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the finance industry.

What We Do

Feel Dollar is a finance blog page that offers insightful articles, tips, and resources to help individuals navigate the complex world of personal finance. We provide valuable information on topics such as budgeting, saving, investing, and financial planning. Our goal is to empower our readers with the knowledge and tools they need to make smart financial decisions and achieve their financial goals.

Our Story

Since 2008, Feel Dollar has been dedicated to providing informative and engaging content in the realm of personal finance. Over the past 5 years, we have been serving as a trusted source of financial education and guidance for individuals of all backgrounds. We are proud of our milestone achievements and look forward to continuing our mission of empowering individuals with financial knowledge.

We Do Things Different

  • We believe in simplifying complex financial concepts and making them accessible to everyone.
  • We provide practical tips and strategies that can be easily implemented in everyday life.
  • Our content is up-to-date and based on the latest trends and developments in the finance industry.
  • We offer curated lists of reputable financial resources and tools to assist our readers in their financial journey.

By offering simplified financial information, practical tips, and curated lists of resources, Feel Dollar ensures that our readers can easily understand and implement sound financial practices in their lives.

How Our Simplified Approach Benefits You

Our simplified approach to financial education allows you to gain a better understanding of complex financial concepts without feeling overwhelmed. We break down complex topics into easily digestible information, empowering you to make informed financial decisions and take control of your financial future.

Meet Raven Padberg

Raven Padberg is the founder of Feel Dollar and a passionate advocate for financial literacy. With years of experience in the finance industry, Raven recognized the need for accessible and engaging financial education. Her mission is to provide individuals with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve financial success.

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Our Executive Team

Meet our talented team, a dynamic group of experts driven by passion and innovation.
Sunny Hegmann, Lead Assigning Editor
Sunny Hegmann Lead Assigning Editor
Colten Douglas, Lead Finance Writer
Colten Douglas Lead Finance Writer